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H & H Manufacturing Company

H & H Manufacturing was started in 1978 as a full service machine and manufacturing shop. Our primary function was to provide service and repair for machinery used in the winery and food manufacturing industries that populate the Sonoma County area. In 1986 the shop’s owner Alvin Hasin was approached by Traditional Medicinals, a tea bag manufacturing company to help them solve mechanical issues involving their IMA packaging machines. Alvin’s innovative engineering and design skills were most beneficial and in 1989 Alvin agreed to serve as the company’s Chief Engineer.  During the next decade, Alvin made numerous trips to the IMA factory in Italy, and while there he received training on the construction, repair and maintenance of these complex machines.  Alvin’s engineering expertise led to the design and manufacture of over 400 advanced replacment parts which were installed on Traditional’s IMA C-21 and C-23 machines and tested to ensure their compatibility, reliability, longevity and strength.

Having hired and trained a full engineering team for Traditional Medicinals, Alvin turned his attention in 2002 to expanding H & H Manufacturing. With the purchase of many new state of the art Computer Controled Manufacturing machines, the main focus is now on designing and fabricating close tollerance replacement parts used in machines for the production of tea bags, chocolate bars, candy wrapping, and other food production industries. These parts are now sold to companies world wide.


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