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Special Tools

Repair tools designed by H & H

During our more then 20 experience in repairing Tea Bag Machines, we have designed a number of special tools. These tools can be used as an aid to assist your mechanics in performing their duties in a more efficent and expedient manner while lowering the risk of damage to the assembly under repair.

1. Asperator Seal insertion tools.

This set of three parts will allow you to remove the seal housings and spacers from the asperator body. It will then help with the insertion of the new seal into it's housing (shown in above photo at lower left) after which the tool will allow you to install the housing back into the aspirator body with out damage to the seal in the housing or the aspirator body.


2. Phasing disk

This gage is mounted to the drive shaft of the staple group. The machine is set to it's zero position with a location pin in the flywheel and the gage is set to it's zero position with a pointer. Once the locating pin is removed, the machine can be turned by hand and the gage will rotate with the machine showing a true degree by degree movement. Using the PHASE diagram provided by the manufacturing company, all movement of the different groups of the machine can be checked to ensure that they are in phase with each other. The gage is engraved with degrees in both directions so that it can be used by any machine regardless of the direction it turns.

$275.00 (includes hub and mounting hardware


3. Seal installation tool for C-23 sealer group

This tool will allow proper placement of the internal seals that keep the oil from leaking out of the body casting of the C-23 sealer group where it mounts on the bottom of the machine under the over wrap group.


4. Extractor group gripper arm bearing removal mandrel.

This tool when placed inside the bearing on the extrator gripper arm and then tightened with the expansion screw, will allow the bearing to be removed with out damaging the aluminium arm. It can also be used for installation of the new bearing and seating it properly in the arm.

$128.00 (includes tapered screw)

5. C-21 sealer jaw power arm spring spanner wrench.

This special spanner nut wrench will allow removal and installation of the power arm spring. The wrench is mounted in the chuck of a drill press or milling machine which allows the mechanic to apply a downward force while turning the spanner nut onto the part. This wrench is case hardened and ground for a tight fit.




6. Tag gage This tool is used to set the tag wheel position to the center wheel paddle. $87.00

7. Tag wheel clamp. This tool is used to move the tag wheel back into position after a bad crash. It bolts onto the upper area of the tag wheel and will allow force to be placed on the wheel with out breaking the knives or the segments off the wheel. $193.00